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Where can I buy/sell weapons, armor and tools?

Where can I buy/sell weapons, armor and tools?

In the market area you will find the Armorer, Armsmaker and Tool Trader (we will refer to these three as the "merchants"). Click on any of these to visit them and see the armor, weapons or tools that you can buy in exchange for your coins.
Be aware that some of the equipment will list certain requirements beneath them that you must meet in order to be able to buy/use them (such as strength, constitution, occupation level, etc). If you do not meet the requirements for an item they will be highlighted in bold.

You can use diamonds to improve your equipment or to reduce the requirements of your purchased weapons and armor at the Brightsmith (located under the arena). The Brightsmith can also increase the amount of OP used by a tool.

You can only buy a tool that matches your occupation, and tools can not be sold, only replaced. Weapons and armor can be sold at the dealers. Drag the armor/weapon that you wish to sell from the inventory and move it over the small money bag.

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